4 Pack Boxed Set Whales Black Tall Collins  Glasses

4 Pack Boxed Set Whales Black Tall Collins Glasses

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My glassware sets are a take on the classic vintage mixed pack, updated with my own nature & scenic inspired silhouette art.
Updated by being Dishwasher & Microwave Safe, they are also replaceable, & with ever expanding options to add to your collection, are easy to combine with other sets.
What started as a question "Do you ever draw whales?" Became my latest drawing & design series!
Humpback, Beluga, Narwhal & Sperm Whale are my top 4 favorite whales, I love having them as my new glassware set! They also coordinate perfectly with the rest of the Collins glass collection.
Original Art on printed Commercial Grade & Dishwasher safe on high quality glassware.
15oz ARC Aristocrat Cooler Glass.
Highest standard glass material.
Clear tall cylindrical shaped beverage glass.
Made in the U.S.A.
Packaged in reusable & recyclable cardboard boxes.